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Fingerprinting Services in San Fernando Valley, CA

Live Scan Fingerprinting in San Fernando Valley, CA

A1 Live Scan & Ink Fingerprinting provides live scan fingerprinting in San Fernando Valley, CA, in one of two ways. You can choose to have your fingerprints done digitally by live scan fingerprinting onto a computer or by ink prints manually on an ink card. Your employer or the agency that requires you to have background screening or access to the criminal database resources will inform you of the type needed. We also offer identification services to meet many requirements, including aviation fingerprinting.

Submit your digital fingerprints electronically for an immediate review with our live scan technology. The California Department of Justice and the FBI will match your fingerprints against their criminal database and directly notify the requesting agency from the results. If you have no record, you successfully pass your background screening. The requesting agency may then issue your license or credential, and authorize you to commence employment as the case may be. Live scan fees are as such:

  • Rolling Fee: $25, Includes Transmission Fee to California Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • DOJ Agency Fee for Visa/Immigration, Employment & Licenses: $32
  • DOJ Agency Fee for Personal Record Review: $25
  • Child Abuse Index Check (Only applicable on certain licenses for the Department of Social Services): $15
  • FBI Agency Fee for Employment & Licenses: $17
  • FBI Agency Fee for Volunteers: $15

Ink Card Fingerprinting

Rest assured, your background check will be accurate with our trusted ink card fingerprinting services. This may be required to obtain your criminal history record from another state or another country, a copy of your criminal history record sent directly to you by the FBI, or an out-of-state professional license (FBI channeling is available). Inked fingerprint card fees are:

  • First Card: $25
  • Each Additional Card: $20

Our Clients

We also offer reliable service to private and public schools, DOD small business contractors, youth soccer leagues and baseball teams, and home healthcare companies in Los Angeles, California. We are a dependable provider for many companies but don't take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say. We work with:

  • American Business Insurance
  • Federal Reserve Bank, Los Angeles
  • PennyMac®
  • Skyline® Mortgage
  • Farmers® Insurance
  • Moelis Company™
  • Flynn and Associates™
  • Greenhill and Company®
Ink Card Fingerprinting in San Fernando Valley, CA